Since my adolescence I have tried to understand the meaning of my life. It was the philosopher Socrates, who, with the invitation to know oneself, inspired me most. I see a connection between philosophy and spirituality in his ideas. My poems tell of this search. What I would like, is to inspire my readers to explore their own self. It is worth it!

You can find a variety of poems on eight themes: joy, love and happiness, my cats, the voice of the heart, the source, the sea, life and death and on my own point of view.

You will find herewith an extract from my book Poesie Italiane – Italian Poems. Poesie Italiane, because my texts have originally been written in Italian.

  1. Of the joy of mirroring
  • Memory
  • The happy moment
  1. Of love and of happiness
  • Souls
  • The holiest moment
  1. Of Sara and of Ronja
  • A meow
  • The purring
  1. Of the voice the heart
  • The heart
  • The coincidence
  1. Of the source
  • The source
  • Moments
  1. Of you and of the sea
  • The song of the waves
  • Written in the sand
  1. Of life and of death
  • All
  • When the sky opens up
  1. Of my point of view
  • Do not confuse
  • Sleep and dream